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We bake a variety of cakes, cookies, scones and muffins for over 75 coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets throughout New York City.

We offer frozen food service items for partners to bake off in-house.

We cater events of all sizes, from office meetings to high-profile events for some of the most recognizable brands.

We run seasonal pop ups at markets like Smorgasburg, featuring limited edition products. Our notorious “Big Buns” will be back soon.


True to King Street’s mission to provide premium goods for every occasion, for everyone, we work with supermarkets across New York City to make sure our delicious pastries are conveniently available for you. 

King Street Baking Co.'s pre-packaged sheet cakes and individual cakes
Small female child holding half eaten King Street Baking Co. sheet cake
Man feeding woman a bite of a King Street Baking Co. sheet cake
Close up of King Street Baking Co. Lemon Cake in packaging

Our sustainable packaging is adapted for the modern consumer to avoid food waste and designed for a convenient eating experience.


Full Sheet Cakes 

Mini Sheet Cakes

Cookie Dough


Brooklyn Fare (Greenwich)

Brooklyn Fare (Schermerhorn)

Food Story (Myrtle)

Greene Grape

Hudson Greene

Key Food (Montague)

Lackawanna Coffee

Mekelberg's (Kent)

Mekelburg's (Grand)

Mr. Mango

Mr. Melon

Rachel's Garden

Sunac Natural Food (Union)

Union Market (Bedford)

Union Market (Court)

Union Market (Flatbush)

Union Market (Houston)

Union Market (7th)

Union Market (Union)

West Side Market (84 3rd)

West Side Market (180 3rd Ave.)

West Side Market (23rd)

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Pop-Ups and Special Events

We have a presence at major food festivals and we cater events for brands of all sizes.

Man scooping a hefty amount of icing onto King Street Baking Co.'s Big Buns while a customer takes a photo
The King Street Baking Co. Big Buns set up at a pop-up event
Founder Christina Guidera stands behind a table of assorted King Street Baking Co. goods at an event
A close up of a King Street Baking Co. Big Bun topped with icing and rainbow sprinkles